CEOs of Automotive

The most interested in the new technologies (new ideas) are CEOs of major corporations car. It is clear that any improved technology in the car their brand, earnings growth should result in the company, by the fact that demand for their models will increase. The presidents of major car companies, like bankers. They are from this that the company earned. They are mostly economists and managers. They do not have a clue what it is supercharged diesel engine without a turbocharger. As long as one of them engineers, did not explain the details of some technical innovations, they do not know. For this reason, they have employed in their companies, engineers, professionals who have the expertise you have acquired at technical universities. In fact, the engineers decide which car goes the rest of society. Paradoxically, competition in the automotive market meant that CEOs of major corporations, limited spending on research. They pay their engineers less and keep. CEOs prefer to some, competitive company worked hard at introducing new technology (These are serious costs to be the leader of new technology.) I do not like literary metaphor, but I see the resemblance to the cycling race. A strong team, working hard at a difficult stage. The rest of the pack „rides on their wheels”. When approaching the meta stage, these teams have not worked, they have more strength and carry out victorious attack. They think that only they are wise. Thus, in the automotive industry are already thinking everyone else. For this reason, the governors limit spending in their companies for engineers, in the hope that these expenses do competition, and we will copy it, and we improve. Engineers noticed that for their honest work, no pay. So they began to rob. Both own company and naive colleagues in the industry. Bookmarks, under the party support the thesis that I put here.


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