od: Kazimierz Wojewódzki <>
data: 16 października 2015 18:36
temat: Kazimierz R. Wojewodzki
wysłana przez:


Dear BMW

Is BMW is interested in my, new ideas that are on this page.-

I see that you do not understand my philosophy.
And I do not understand the contents of this letter.

od: przez 
data: 16 października 2015 15:37
temat: Your proposal from 14-10-2015
wysłana przez:


Dear Mr. Wojewodzki,

Thank you very much for your patience, your idea and your interest in cooperation with BMW. We refer to your proposal from 14-10-2015.

We have evaluated your proposal thoroughly in conjunction with our technical departments and unfortunately have to inform you, that we do not see the possibility of implementing your idea at present. But in case our engineers want to develop your idea further in future we will contact you again. Please note that we will always treat your proposal as confidential.

We regret we cannot give you a positive response and thank you again for your interest in BMW. We highly appreciate your effort and your motivation to participate actively in our innovation process.

Should you have any other innovative ideas in the future please do contact us again.

Yours sincerely

i.A. Vandeweijer

BMW – Virtual Innovation Agency


BMW Group

Virtuelle Innovationsagentur

80788 München



Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Vorstand: Harald Krüger (Vorsitzender),

Milagros Caiña Carreiro-Andree, Klaus Draeger,

Friedrich Eichiner, Klaus Fröhlich, Ian Robertson,

Peter Schwarzenbauer, Oliver Zipse.

Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: Norbert Reithofer

Sitz und Registergericht: München HRB 42243

—————————————————————-  ”

Best Regards,

Kazimierz Wojewodzki


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